Athletes Benefit From Acupuncture!

Check out this article on the benefits of Acupuncture for ATHLETES!!  We know Acupuncture can help with Muscle & Joint Pain…but it also is great for Stress and Anxiety! Pre-Event Jitters can be soothed ….helping athletes sleep better too!

I’ve Also noticed that using Acupuncture to help relieve the Anxiety associated with nagging injuries is incredible at helping Athletes RECOVER FASTER!

Injuries heal more Quickly when we Improve Circulation….and that’s what Acupuncture is Great at!

Enjoy the article & let me know what you think!


Acupuncture Advantage is Boca Raton’s ONLY Community Acupuncture Clinic. You Pay what you can afford $20-$40 for 1 hour sessions….and you’ll meet a lot of wonderful people.   Call for an appointment 561-338-1771


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