Research & Acupuncture in the News

A lot of great articles have been coming out about Acupuncture. I’ve been posting these on facebook for folks, but I know a lot of you don’t use FB. Thus, wanted to provide you with the links! Call me with any questions. 561.338.1771

Click on the title to read the story.

Acupuncture helps to Build Muscle!  Research showing interesting results!

Acupuncture and the Benefits for Women   As a lot of you know Acupuncture helps with women’s health issues – from PMS, cramps, irregular cycles, mood swings, to fertility and morning sickness! Of course we help treat menopausal symptoms from foggy brain to night sweats, hot flashes and mood fluctuations!

Acupuncture helps treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  The military is using acupuncture – why shouldn’t you? At Acupuncture Advantage we treat a broad spectrum of emotional trauma. Acupuncture can really help
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